Daylight Mind Wedding in Kona


truthful images through photojournalism

We’re Reese and Renee and we are elopement wedding photographers on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Hey, we’re Reese & Renee!

Why should we be invited to photograph such an important day in your lives?

  1. We care. We get to know what’s important to you so we can best anticipate and document what matters most on your wedding day. This way, your images are just as meaningful 30, 50, and 100 years from now as they are a month after you get married!

  2. We blend in. It’s just us and our backpacks. No distracting from your ceremony with tripods, light stands, rolling cases of gear and a five-person team. Most people think we’re guests!

  3. We work fast. If you don’t want to pose for photos all day, we’re your people. We’ll get the shots you want without taking too much time away from your celebration where all the fun & moments really happen.

  4. We know our stuff. After doing this for five years and photographing hundreds of people, we’ve learned how to anticipate emotions before they happen so you can be fully present on your wedding day, trusting that we’re saving it all for you.

A little about us: we fell in love at 17, started our photo business, got married (5 years from the day we met and share the same anniversary as both our parents, December 6th), and then moved to Hawaii! This island is where our life’s greatest adventures have taken place - enjoying the outdoors (camping, hiking, beaching) and having our daughter, Seea Grace. Starting our own family gave us a heart for kids in hard situations so we became foster parents here, too!

Maybe you have a heart for foster kids, orphans, or adoption as well! Check out the link below to see the organization we give to and how your wedding directly impacts the orphan crisis :) And if you need to hear from other people about who we are and the work we do, go to the reviews below. We’re so glad you found us - we’re excited for you, here for you, and cannot wait to meet you :) -R&R





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