Ashley and Alex are Married in Maui

 Small Bohemian Wedding on Maui Island

Ash and Alex weren't stressed about the little things and just focused on each other and the people who traveled so far to spend their wedding with them. It was an honor to be there and document all that happened for safekeeping.

Things to remember:

The massive waves that morning (very uncharacteristic of this spot in Maui). It poured buckets till five minutes before the ceremony, then didn’t rain the rest of the night.

Ashley still had to paint her toenails when they got to the house and brought Starburst, her favorite candy. And she, her mom and sister were like the three musketeers. Giddy and hilarious and completely supportive of each other.

How Alex couldn’t stop cracking his knuckles, wringing his hands or swaying back and forth on his toes while he waited for Ash to come down the aisle.

How Alex’s Dad gave a speech that moved him to tears, then Ashley’s sister followed with an epic toast where she pulled out all this junk from Ashley’s old room (remember, she had to pack all this & fly it over the Pacific Ocean from Nebraska. Respect the dedication).


I’m the lady half of Reese and Renee :) Reese and I photograph documentary style, meaning our focus is on emotions and connections between people instead of posing or trying to create moments. Excited and grateful to share some of their stories here!