Klenke Vacation at Spider Lake


For 2017, Mom & Dad Klenke planned a vacation at Spider Lake (near Traverse City) for the whole crew to join, including our Uncle Mike and Aunt Darla. We were just looking forward to spending a week together, but didn't know we were also going to be wowed by God's creation through some of the most beautiful sunsets, clear summer skies with trillions of stars and no light pollution, and our personal favorite: kayaking right after the sun set on the black glassy lake. Also on this trip, we celebrated our niece Kira turning 6 months which meant trying "adult food", passing out where she laid, lots of kisses from Grandma, bubbles, and a pontoon ride! Our brother Cory also turned 27 which meant ice cream cake and lots of other desserts that we had already probably most likely definitely overindulged in just a little bit :)

At the end of the week, everyone headed out beside ourselves and mom & dad - so we decided to take them on a hike through Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore to show them what Pure Michigan was all about! It was a 4 mile round trip hike over sand and up & down hills, so naturally by the end of it, dad was letting everyone we passed know that he had made it there and that it was very exhausting. This trip goes down as one of our all-time favorite family vacations because it reminded us to enjoy & soak in the small and simply things in life: great company, warm, crackling fires, star-filled skies, colorful sunsets, good food, stillness, the ability to walk & hike & smell & see & taste & hear. We are beyond blessed and so thankful to our Creator who has allowed us to enjoy it all. 


I’m the lady half of Reese and Renee :) Reese and I photograph documentary style, meaning our focus is on emotions and connections between people instead of posing or trying to create moments. Excited and grateful to share some of their stories here!