Anna and Ben Elope to the North Shore of Oahu

 North Shore Elopement at Sunset Beach

Anna and Ben eloped from Australia to Oahu over Christmas with their two sweet kids in tow. During their ceremony on the beach, their son Benson ate his weight in sand and after celebratory champagne, their daughter Lola decided Mum needed to take her to the restroom, now.

A&B just laughed these interruptions off and said the day was exactly what they wanted - celebrating their marriage as a family of four. They had dreamed of including their kids in this commitment so that someday, when everyone is a little older, Lola and Benson will be able to look back at these photos and see they were a part of it all along.


I’m the lady half of Reese and Renee :) Reese and I photograph documentary style, meaning our focus is on emotions and connections between people instead of posing or trying to create moments. Excited and grateful to share some of their stories here!