Mark and Vai Day After near Lahaina, Maui


Vai and Mark had us photograph five days of their trip/wedding weekend celebration with their friends and family on the island of Maui: the first night a meet up of their two families (people coming from India, California, East Coast, and other countries throughout), the second night was a feast at Old Lahaina Luau, the third a field day to add a little competition to the weekend, then their wedding day, and the last day was just the two of them hanging out cliffside near Nakalele Blowhole. Here's the end of their time on the island before heading off to their honeymoon in New Zealand. 


I’m the lady half of Reese and Renee :) Reese and I photograph documentary style, meaning our focus is on emotions and connections between people instead of posing or trying to create moments. Excited and grateful to share some of their stories here!