To Really See It: March 2017


What a year (a year-long project, that is). It's funny how day by day life can seem non-extravagant, monotonous even. But then 365 days later you look back and a lot has changed. That's the thing about change: often it's tiny, consistent efforts that add up to things looking different. Guess that's why each new day is a gift, right?

These photos are special to us because they show the restlessness of a long winter. We had been making a pretty big decision at this time of the year and the weight of it was heavy and exhausting - you can feel it in these photos. 


I’m the lady half of Reese and Renee :) Reese and I photograph documentary style, meaning our focus is on emotions and connections between people instead of posing or trying to create moments. Excited and grateful to share some of their stories here!