Becca & Brandon

“My partner and I planned a destination wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii and spent a ton of time researching photographers online. Our approach for selecting a wedding day photographer was pretty pragmatic: we wanted two photographers, we wanted to feel good about the overall aesthetic of their work, and we didn't want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for photos (which is really easy to do when hiring a wedding photographer).

There are A LOT of extremely talented photographers in Hawaii, so making a decision was incredibly hard. We found Reese and Renee's site pretty early on in our search, and were immediately struck by the emotion they were able to capture through their candid and photojournalistic style. This being said, there were other photographers we also liked, so we reached out to them all in an effort to make an informed decision for our big day. R&R were super responsive and genuinely friendly in all of their communication with us from the get-go - this is something I can't say about all of the photographers we contacted - "island time" is a very real thing. Pricing packages for photographers in Hawaii also seem to vary quite wildly, which is something else we had to factor in to our decision.

After a couple weeks of communicating with some photographers, we’d narrowed our decision down to two different options - R&R being one of them - and actually booked with the other choice.

Long story short, I reached out to the photographers we’d contracted with about 3 months prior to our wedding date to check-in with them about logistics, etc. At this time, we were informed that they could no longer commit to our wedding date.

I immediately followed up with R&R and we were relieved to find out they were available for our wedding date. I felt weird about reaching out to them and explaining our situation after having told them six months earlier that we’d made another decision - but they were so kind and gracious and remembered so many details from our initial conversation still that it ended up being not weird at all. We had a FaceTime convo with them and completed an online questionnaire they sent us to get to know us better. My partner and I generally hate this kind of performative acting rigamarole but R&R made it pretty painless.

When R&R showed up on the Big Island for our wedding in March 2019, it really did feel like they were old friends. They were funny and charismatic and blended in so naturally with the chaos of our day that there were times we forgot they were there with their cameras.

We got a sneak peek the day after our wedding, and the whole edited gallery was completed and sent to us 3 weeks later. We are so, so, sooooo very happy with our photos! We’ve looked at them a zillion times in the past few months and feel so incredibly grateful that we chose R&R to capture these memories for us. It is clear that R&R sincerely listened to everything we said in our initial conversations about who we are, what we were looking for, and what we hoped our wedding, and wedding photos, would turn out like. Despite the initial panic of having our first photographers canceling on us, the outcome could not have been happier - we love R&R and each and every photo that they took of us and our loved ones on our wedding day. These two are pure magic behind the lens, and they have a truly intuitive and organic sense of capturing images that are timeless, beautiful, authentic, and even a little cheeky at times.

100% recommend R&R for whatever your photography needs may be. They are easy to work with, boundlessly talented, and genuinely heartfelt and loving people.”

Amy & Danny

“First things first, they're professional. Reese and Renee come as a two photographer package. They're quick to respond. Their photos speak for themselves. Trust me, the compliments won't stop. They're beautiful on the screen and even more impressive in print. (their print options are top tier)

Here's where R+R really shine, they are emotionally invested in their couples. After one e-mail exchange, we were all friends. One year later, I'm confident we'll grow old together. When you look back at your photos, you will remember how you felt. You will relive those moments as if it were the first time and you will feel love. You will cry and feel joy and be forever indebted to Reese and Renee for telling your story when words would fail.”

Mark & Vai

“I can't say enough about Reese & Renee. Together they embody grace, humility, charisma and sheer talent.

Reese & Renee spent 5 days with me, my now husband, our families, and closest friends in Maui earlier this year to capture our wedding celebrations. Within the first hour of meeting our extended families on the first day not only did they memorize everyones names, but they also seamlessly integrated into the group. We had people coming up to us throughout our wedding week telling us how much they appreciated and enjoyed Reese & Renee. In fact, it's several months later and people still share the same sentiment with us.

Reese & Renee captured every intricate detail imaginable over those 5 days in Maui- from the deep, beautiful sunsets to the delicate, soft florals and even the happy smiles and tears of our friends and family. They came early, stayed late, and didn't miss a beat. In fact, I can't think of one thing that didn't make it on film... yes, on top of digital, they also shot film. =)

If you get a chance to work with Reese & Renee I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed and on top of that you might just walk away with two new friends for life.”

Denise & Adam

“R&R do INCREDIBLE photography, plus they are genuine and will become dear friends of yours throughout the process! This duo are natural photographers, talented artists, and will work hard to make you happy happy happy and will surely surpass that. We felt like we were spending time with close friends and never felt uncomfortable while they snapped our sweet memories. Your wedding day is filled with all those you love and intimate moments, and R&R respect, cherish, and understand this time and will capture it so perfectly. They are punctual, flexible, will get the shots you'd like, and so much more. We can easily refer and sing praises of them!! If you have the chance to have them be a part of your wedding, count yourself lucky :) R&R are wonderful photographers who are grounded in the stuff that matters and you will feel that as they capture your moments.”

Rachel & Alex

“It was just a short time after we had said, "I do!", when I realized how truly remarkable Reese & Renee are. My now-wife and I were having a photoshoot in the meadow just before a gathering of golden and red aspen trees, when Reese shared with us the perfect description of what we were feeling for each other. All the while, Renee would give voice to compliments that meshed so perfectly. This combination of narrating radiated through our bodies, and looking back on these specific photos (actually all of them from the weekend...), we are able relive the newfound eagerness that was coursing through us newlyweds, which, gentlemen, is a great start to any romantic evening...

When we "hired" Reese & Renee, we had no idea what all was to come. Me, being the naive husband on topics like this for wedding planning, thought that they would just be a couple that took our photographs. Almost immediately, I realized that my expectations were unbelievably shallow. From the first phone call, to that very moment in the meadow, I felt like my wife and I were more prepared for each other than we could have ever been. On top of that, our entire wedding guest list could not believe how amazing their experience was when they interacted with R&R. I truly wish Reese & Renee lived in our hometown so that we could continuously thrive off their positivity and utmost love for each other.

I would recommend their services to anybody. I do not believe that there is anyone out there that would not benefit from having Reese & Renee in their lives, especially as the ones who will capture the most beautiful and articulate memories you can reflect on everyday.

Astonishing job, Reese & Renee. We miss you both, and wish you the best on everything! We will forever recommend your services, and be ready for whenever we renew our vows!”

Jennifer & Chris

“Reese and Renee were the absolute best, from the first initial email they were warm and friendly! They answered a million of my questions and were super helpful. The day of the wedding they fit right in and you felt like you’ve known them forever! I chose them in the beginning because you could feel in their pictures the emotions of that day like you were there- I wanted that for my friends and family who couldn’t make it! I’m in LOVE with how all our photos came out and would recommend them to anyone! Thank you again and mahalo!”

Hannah & Jon

“My husband (then, fiancé) is active duty military and our original destination wedding plans changed so fast because of a possible deployment that I didn’t really know how to grasp the change or if I should be upset. But, the first thing that I did when things changed was email Reese and Renee. We were already chatting about the possibility of them photographing our destination wedding but we didn’t have exact dates yet so nothing was set in stone. When it was decided that our already planned engagement party was to be turned into a surprise wedding, I knew we needed to lock down Reese and Renee to be our photographers. Being an active duty family makes you really appreciate & preach the saying, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’. The only thing that I knew about that day that I would sweat was photos. The second R&R said they were available and willing to travel to Kentucky, well.. I didn’t sweat a thing!

I never had this fear, but after the wedding my mom told me that she feared that having photography & videography would definitely make it obvious that the photographers were in the way/always visible. But that statement couldn’t be further from the truth with R&R. They seemed to get every shot, but yet I don’t remember thinking at all “Oh this camera is in my face 24/7.” It was like they melted into the background so that we, along with our guests could enjoy this incredible celebration but the photos and beautiful video prove that they were in the middle of it all!

I’m probably not putting this into words as best as I could, but R&R are the best photographers to add to your wedding team. They will be there for you with whatever you need and somehow learn all of your family member’s names in a matter of minutes to the point where it all seems like they too are part of the family.

Truly, do yourself a favor and book them because I can promise you, when R&R are on your team, there is no need to sweat about photography + videography! It will be perfect.”

Hannah & Matthew

“Reese and Renee were beyond amazing right from the start! They were a huge help with suggestions on wedding and honeymoon planning in Hawaii. Even though Renee couldn't be part of our day (due to the arrival of their beautiful daughter the evening before) Reese kept us completely up to date with what was happening and had a brilliant stand in ready to go without skipping a beat.
Our main aim for the day was to capture the emotion and off hand moments which are so present in all of our wedding photos. When we look back through our photos we are instantly taken back to feelings of the day.
I could not recommend Reese & Renee highly enough and there will be no regrets if you decide to have them as part of your big day!”

Marie-Estelle & Jean-Clement

“We can only highly recommend Reese & Renee. When we decided to get married in Hawaii just my husband, myself and our 2 children (thousand miles from our home in France!) and started our researches to organize our wedding, we found them on Instagram. When we saw their unbelievable skills we decided to get in touch with them. From the beginning they have been so friendly and soooo helpful answering all kinds of questions a non-local would ask! And believe us, we had tons of questions! If it wasn´t for them our wedding would not have been the same at all. From the spot to the best ceremony officiant and all the advice they gave us, our wedding was thanks to them the 3rd most beautiful day of our lives together with the birth of our 2 children. Thanks to Reese I was feeling so calm and happy because I knew he had everything under control. He did an amazing job with our kids, capturing the funniest and also the most emotional moments. We really can´t thank him enough for being there and transcribing so well our emotions, especially for all our relatives & friends who were not here with us. Just go ahead with your eyes closed, R&R will make the magic happen!”

Jenna & Brendan

“Where do I even start when trying to sum up my love for R&R?! As soon as I discovered their website, I fell in love with their unique style. I had looked through countless wedding images that often looked to me like stock photos, but upon discovering R&R, I could FEEL the raw, real emotion (and these were photos of people I didn't even know personally!).

I emailed R&R and received the warmest response- we instantly clicked and when we initially "met" them over Facetime, my (new!) husband and I felt so connected to them, despite being an ocean away! R&R were incredibly flexible and easy to work with- they were the only part of the wedding planning process that was completely seamless and stress-free from the beginning. They helped us to step back and remember that at the end of all this madness, we were going to be MARRIED, which made us feel so excited for what was to come, rather than getting overwhelmed by the planning process.

On the day of the actual wedding, R&R truly blended in and it felt like they were a part of the family! Both of our families and the wedding party members adored them (of course) and we even joked that we were all founding members of the R&R fan club (but really though). In all seriousness, R&R could not have done a more wonderful job of capturing our “best day ever”. They worked hard to ensure that ALL of us were 100% present so we could enjoy every moment of the day and soak it all in, while still beautifully capturing it all so we can continue to relive that amazing day for years to come.

Looking back at the images and our album (which we have done countless times), we truly couldn’t be happier or feel more fortunate that we found R&R. Every time we look at the images we are brought right back in time to that special day – we’ve laughed and cried and remembered moments that we didn’t even realize were happening at the time. R&R do so much more than take pictures, they tell stories filled with real joy and love and emotion. They capture feelings and moments in a way that you can’t quite sum up in words. We will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives and are so incredibly grateful!

On top of being amazing storytellers and talented photographers, Reese & Renee are two of the most genuinely lovely people you will ever meet. They have the biggest hearts and are insanely passionate about their work and the families they work alongside. This passion is evident in their photography and in the positive way in which they carry themselves. They are both such special, warm, wonderful people and have touched our lives in more ways than we can count. We are so incredibly grateful to have them in our lives and look forward to staying in touch for many years to come, hopefully with more visits in Hawaii :)

If you are looking for true emotion and photographs that will take you back to your best day, every day… trust R&R.”

Lennie & Quentin

“Where do we start ?? Reese & Renee were beyond amazing! They were so helpful and informative from day one. We are absolutely over the moon with our wedding photos. Thank you for capturing all of our most treasured moments and bringing so much extra happiness and laughter to our big day!! XOX”

Emily & Jay

“Reese & Renee were professional, easy-going, and fit seamlessly into our wedding day! We cannot thank them enough for our beautiful photos and their cool, calm, and supportive presence that instantly put us at ease. We would not hesitate to recommend them!”

Scott & Iris

“My fiance booked Reese and Renee all the way from DC to take photos of the surprise proposal. They were in constant communication and were very accommodating when trying to make sure the weather was perfect for a sunset proposal. My fiance and I felt a bit awkward at first since we're not used to getting photos taken but they made it SO easy. They are so super friendly and funny and let us enjoy our special moment while documenting in the background. It's now been a couple weeks and the images came out beautifully. We're so excited and proud to share them with our family and friends! We can't thank R&R enough for capturing one of the happiest moments of our lives! 110% recommend them!”

Mary Meg & Alex

“I cannot say enough amazing things about Reese & Renee. They were an absolute joy to have with us throughout our preparation and wedding day.

Their quality speaks for itself - definitely check out their profile, and we were SO thrilled with our photos. On top of that, Reese and Renee were a wonderful presence - they kept us grounded and let us focus on each other during our special day.

Bottom line - Reese & Renee are AMAZING. We were so lucky to have them, and our photos turned out BEAUTIFULLY.”

Duo & Ru

“It was an amazing experience with Reese and Renee! They helped me to record the proposal of my wife and I with professionalism. Everything was perfect!”

Megan & Travis

“Super professional and prompt from the get go. Kept me on task (in a VERY good way) but were easy peasy and to work with and captured truly lovely moments from the ceremony, before and after. WORTH EVERY PENNY. So flexible on the day of (and even drove me to my ceremony location.) Switched things up the day before and it was no problem (getting ready location) Unobtrusive and kind. Really a dream to work with. I didn't have any specific instructions and let Reese do his thing. The result was lovely.”

Megan & Dan

“Reese & Renee were AMAZING. Their photos speak for themselves - we are so so so happy with ours. Beyond incredible photos, they are lovely people that you will want to be friends with for life. (Trust me, you spend your entire wedding day with your photographer, you want to like them!) They really took the time to get to know us as a couple, made sure our photos were "us", and made us completely comfortable.
Professionally, working with Reese & Renee was super smooth. They were always quick to respond, answered all of our questions, and were flexible. The price is a steal for the quality of work provided. I truly feel like I am reliving my wedding day when I look through my photos - they capture all the love and joy perfectly!”

Kate & Allan

“Reese & Renee photographed our wedding in January 2017, & we could not be happier with our experience with them. I did a lot of internet searching to find photographers that were Just Right, and Reese & Renee were more than we could have hoped for. Because we loved them so much, we are going to write a Very Long Review. We'll organize it into three parts: their vibes, what working with them was like, & the photographs themselves!

From our first phone conversation to the emails we've exchanged post-wedding, Reese & Renee have been warm, engaged, and attentive. Our wedding was planned on very short notice due to a visa situation, and they were so flexible and understanding of our needs. When the visa finally came through and we let them know, it felt like we were sharing the happy news with close friends. We only had 30 people at our wedding, and by the end of the weekend, it really felt like they were part of our intimate group of friends & family.

Neither of us are incredibly comfortable being photographed, but Reese & Renee made it so easy for us. They used fun techniques to encourage genuine reactions and sweet moments between us, and it made the few hours leading up to our wedding very special. Our 'first look,' for example, was a beautiful moment, and we felt we could really experience it even though they were right there with us.

Reese & Renee captured so many little moments about our wedding weekend that we may have forgotten otherwise. They had great ideas about how to photograph specific moments, and the images came out stunning. We especially appreciated that they used both film and digital photography-- it added another dimension to our wedding album. Our wedding photographs are not only documentary, but they capture the range of emotions and relationships that made our day so incredibly special.

We love Reese & Renee! We very strongly recommend them to anyone looking for incredibly talented and wonderful people to photograph their wedding.”

Meredith & Brad

“These two souls are the BEST! Not only do they take the time to connect with you and truly become your friends; the photographs they produce are perfection. Photos that take you to back to that moment, that feeling, and truly speak to your heart! If you want to capture LOVE in your photos; these are your people!”