We make honest photos that stand the test of time.

 Honest Photographs from a First Look, Hawaii Elopement Wedding Photographers

We tell the truth.

We show who you are as a couple and tell the true story of the day you became a family - a day which will never happen again. While beautiful decor and group photos surely have a place in this story, our main focus is on emotions. You're going to feel everything from anticipation and joy to deep love and gratitude in a very short time-frame! We want you to be able to look at your photographs 20, 40 or even 60 years later and say, "These are the moments, people, and feelings I wanted to remember."

We get close (really close).

We're going to be closer to you than anyone else on this day, sometimes right over your shoulder. It's important that you're completely comfortable and trust us so when you're laughing or crying you're not aware of our cameras.This kind of relationship takes effort - we'll get to know one another via video-call and will also ask you to write down answers to a few personal questions. We know it's not easy to be vulnerable, but we promise to treat our time together with care and respect - it will be worth it!

We're here to help.

Most of this "wedding stuff" is probably new to you and we don't expect you to have it all figured out! Let's talk about the day you're envisioning and how many hours of photography you'll need. Pricing is not always black and white - sometimes it requires a conversation. If you have a specific budget in mind, please share it with us! We'll be open and honest about where we stand and hope you'll be comfortable doing the same. Check out the info below, email us your initial thoughts and we'll go from there!


If you're planning to celebrate from morning to night, this option is a good place to start. It usually includes enough time for things like getting ready for the day, your ceremony and portraits, extra photos with your guests and a portion of your reception. 

10 Hours of Coverage with Reese

Min. 400 Hi-Res Edited Images with Full Printing Rights

Online Gallery for 12 Months



This option is best if you want your story told from beginning to end (along with a quality album to keep as your first family heirloom). From getting ready in the morning to your ceremony to the reception, we're photographing every step of the way. This will even cover a special "exit" at the end of the night (like sparklers).

14 Hours of Coverage with Reese

Min. 600 Hi-Res Edited Images with Full Printing Rights

Online Gallery for 12 Months

10x10 Lay-Flat Album (60 pages)


Additional Items.

One Hour of Coverage = $400

10x10 Lay-Flat Album (60 pages) = $600

Second Shooter = $40/hr


We believe you deserve great wedding photographs and can't wait to tell your story!

Thanks for being here,